Studio Gear Cosmetics Opportunity + 10% off your entire purchase!

Hi lovelies,

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Studio Gear Cosmetics and try out their new Hydrating Color Correcting Cream with SPF 20. I must say I was pretty intrigued to find out that they state that the Cream has micro encapsulated pigments that automatically adjust to your skin tone. I found that out first hand. Your skin remains soft for hours!!! Check out my review video below.

Also don’t forget to head over to try out all wonderful products including the Hydrating CC cream I review.

User the following code to get 10% off your entire purchase: bloggercc

Feel free to comment or share your experiences if you have already tried Studio Gear Cosmetics before or if you purchase something.



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Always guessing what makeup colors are right for you? Try them for Free!

Hi lovelies,

I am super excited to share that I was contacted by one of the most innovative makeup website to work on a project with them. I was among the first few bloggers to be selected to test the website prior to their launch in the US and share my experience with my audience. This tool is like a dream come true for me because I have suffered for years from the problem of continuously going and buying the same exact shades of lipstick and eyeshadows over and over again.  Or just buying the cutest shade of makeup only to come home and find out it doesn’t look cute on me at all. The packaging has been ripped open by then and I have already put it against my skin. There is no way I am returning that stuff. Then ofcourse their is the mystery of how would something that my friend or coworker is wearing, would look on me? You can’t go around testing products in the store or asking your friends to share them with you. No thank you that just sounds a bit gross too. Sharing makeup leads to alot of different infections. It is also useful if you are someone who never wears makeup, now is your chance to see what it will look like on you without having to buy all the products right away! So how does GlamSt resolve this issue?


GlamSt lets you upload a picture of yourself and I would suggest taking a good quality facial shot with no makeup on for best results. And choose from famous brands of makeup that we all know about, to apply to your picture. Okay I know how it sounds. I thought it would look tacky too just like those old hair style applications that were popping up on the internet in early 2000s but the IT person in me was completely taken aback by how real the makeup I was applying to the picture, looked. I even realized that my thought about not ever buying lipstick with a more orange tinge in it was a bad idea, they actually look great on my complexion. You can even see the details of the eyeliners and the mascara. And when you think that is it you can even apply different shades of concealers, blushes, face powders and foundations to your face. All and in All you get to play with makeup from top brands like clinique , Dior, Bobbie brown, NARS just to name a few. The options are endless and the results are very real life like. You even have the option to buy the products directly from GlamSt.

ChiclyCute GlamSt

GlamSt means alot to me not only because it is something that I find very useful and had been struggling with my entire life with but also because it was started by two women Engineers. Yes us techie girls love fashion and makeup too and its good to see other ladies using their skills to apply it to the makeup and fashion world.  I would like to also let you all know that I have not been paid by GlamSt in any way, shape or form. These opinions are all mine and true. If you don’t believe me head on over to and try it out for yourself. Feel free to share your pictures on my facebook page at or just leave a comment with your GlamSt link below! I would love to check them out.

I am Back!!! Leather, Metal and Snake Print!

Hi Sweeties,

Today was one of the warmest days of 2013! I was a little worried because I have been extremely sick for the past 3 days and I was scared that I might be in bed all day today instead of going out and having a ball. Thanks to my hubby who fed me pretty well the last two days and forced me to get out of bed and shower in hopes it will make feel fresher mentally. IT DID! not only I got to go out but I also recorded my new haul video!!! Sooo excited to edit and share it with you all soon this week.

I decided to wear my latest edition to my closet the H&M tweed dress. I just love how it fits on me. We still dragged along my spare wool jacket incase I feel cold or start getting sick again. I did have my moments when I felt faint but it was a beautiful day. We went to one of the oldest part of our city which is literally my backyard! I am excited because its full of antique shops, cute lil stores, coffee shops etc. We stopped by Bean Hollow and I had the best ever Chai Frappe! We also bought a humongous Cherry cheese danish to share! We took all that fun stuff to the park. Walked around and ate. After that we went to my fave burger place and I stuffed my self with some delicious food :) All in all a productive day….hopefully this will not wear me out to make me sicker tomorrow…lets keep our fingers crossed.







Boots: Dansko

Bracelet: H&M

Clutch: Snake print H&M

Dress: H&M (Currently in Store)

Leather Jacket: H&M

Watch: Guess

Spring Makeup Tutorial Day or Night: Coral EyeShadow!

Hey lovelies,

I haven’t been able to post for a past few days. I had been incredibly busy with random stuff, work and personal life related. Not to mention I hurt my foot :( It’s still healing but I spent most of yesterday working from home on my bed and couch. Trust me sitting for hours would drive you mind numbingly crazy, if you weren’t sitting down by choice. The good thing though is I got to do a lot of video editing and such for the blog and my Youtube Channel: ChiclyCute

I am putting a tutorial on how to use a current makeup trend/color Coral, that I am currently in love with for the Spring and Summer. It seems to go well with so many different outfits! It doesn’t look over the top whether you wear it during the day time or night! The secret is using a Purple Eyeliner instead of an all black. It doesn’t make your eyes super dark making this look wearable to work or daytime funzzies :) Enjoy

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Makeup Product Reviews: Grow your Eyelashes longer? Elf pressed powder, Victoria Secret items, Comb that Saves lives(of hair) + more!

Hi again lovelies. So my energy has been off the charts lately. I am actually enjoying it a lot, no more falling asleep at 10pm like I used to while watching tv with the hubby! The more I do the more energetic I feel. I understand I might be running on lack of sleep but there are always weekends to catch up on that.

So here is my first makeup product review video! I have to say I honestly love every single product except one I felt meh about it. Please let me know if you use the same products and how your results are using them!

Earrings that turn into Bangels, Grape and Orangecream dream tucked in and tucked out :)

I can’t believe it is the end of the weekend already and beginning of a new work week! Over all the weekend was fun hung out with a few friends and had a movie date with the hubby. The Avengers rocked! And as always Captain America won my heart (you know: small person making it big after several failed attempts and saves the world! story of my life still looking on ways to save the world! lol)

Sadly my outfit pictures didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. The pants are much prettier in person, also they look alil too white in the pictures (time for a new camera fund) and I have also featured them in the last youtube Haul video. So Check the video out as well since it would be alil more clearer in the video :)

Anyhow who ho is currently drained out and has realized its only just beginning of the week? Come on ladies speak up you know you need to let it all out :)

PS: I had pulled out these cute hoop earrings to wear, only to decide last minute that I am not going to wear them as earrings but as Bangles! They are clip on style hoops so they are complete circles and so far everyone at work hasn’t picked up that they aren’t hoops! They are astonished when I tell them. Ah another trick to add to the bag, try it wear your hoops as bangles :)

Scroll through the post for the picture of the hoop earrings worn as bangles, up close and personal :)

Belt: Forever 21

Earrings as Bangles (tri-colored) : Forever21

Necklace: White Gold links (from U.A.E)

Pants: H&M current season (only 14.95 run to the store now)

Top: Forever 21

Watch: Kolber Bangle Watch 14kt

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Featuring H&M Conscious Collection Dress: H&M,Victoria Secret and Beauty Supply Haul

Hello lovelies! I finally got a chance to make the promised video yesterday of all the things I bought last weekend. The bad part was I went to the mall again right after the video making session and haha ended up indulging in some more amazing stuff! Well gives me more material to show you soon :) For now enjoy  my amazing finds from last week! Oh and the big deal about this video? I bought the peach H&M lace Conscious collection dress! Check it out!

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FAB: A new website that is perfect for Bargain Hunters and unique Finds

So I was browsing the internet today my eyes landed on a very unique piece of necklace! It was a like a garden around your neck  for only $25.00 (Check out the pic below).

    Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

On Fab there are tons and tons of amazing jewelry, shoes,clothes,  makeup, candles, housewares, cookware and even cute unique gadgets. Now you must be wondering what is so special about that? Well then let me tell you. Most of these things you will not find by going to a regular store. Most of the designers are small scale and have very unique ideas! Plus all the products are available for below the actual retail price. There are of course some high end products but some stuff is really really affordable and cheap. You can choose to review only items in a certain price range or EVEN COLOR! The site is based on living social and Groupon style principle where the items are available in limited quantities and only for so long. So its guaranteed that your item will not be owned by a million people :)

I am so going to order stuff from there as soon as I can get the courage to part with some more money :) Here are some of the finds that I hope they dont take off till I can get my credit card ready ;)

Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

                                                     Cuff Only $ 19.00


                                                   Bracelet each $15.00



Turquoise Necklace $34.00


Laser Etched Pendant $17.00



Vessel Pendant each $30.00



Lipstain Both $31.50


         Iphone Case $17.00

Shoes $29.00 each

      Jewelery Roll $22.00

                                      Bag $159.00


Flats $ 64.00

Click and Checkout all the Amazing Products at FAB!

H&M Collaboration: New Shoes, Jewelry, Bags and Sunglasses-Anna Dello Russo at H&M

H&M has been on a roll recently with all sorts of collaborations and special lines :The Conscious Collection, Fashion Star for H&M , Fashion against Aids and now I present to you *drum roll please* ANNA DELLO RUSSO for H&M

Anna Dello Russo is a Fashion Director and a creative consultant at Vogue Nippon, who is known for her flamboyant and loud sense of fashion! She has been the center of attention of photographers and has been streamed online globally! Here is a sneak peak H&M has put out of the collection that will be available for Sale on October 4th 2012:

For now we can quench the thirst of our eyes by admiring this daring lady’s outfit choices. If she is selling the snake belt and the foxy glasses at H&M (see pics below), I am ready to rock them.

Fruity Nails: Look But Don’t Eat

Nail Art is pretty big on the web now. I recall my first infatuation with nail art was when I was 11. I was visiting my birth country and my aunt brought me some nail paint set! It was just like an actual paint set with tiny pots of nail polish with a few brushes. I recall drawing mickey mouse faces on my toe nails and my cousins’ toe nails. Ever since then I had been searching for a nail paint set but wasn’t really able to find one anywhere. If you guys know of some place that I can grab it from please let me know!

I got the inspiration from these strawberry nails from my fellow blogger: ilovegreeninspiration, who posted a picture of professionally done strawberry nails. Ofcourse this is my first time painting nail art in ages but hopefully the creative juices will flow constantly and I will only get better in time :)

Some more nail inspirations I am hoping to try out in a few days!