Studio Gear Cosmetics Opportunity + 10% off your entire purchase!

Hi lovelies,

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Studio Gear Cosmetics and try out their new Hydrating Color Correcting Cream with SPF 20. I must say I was pretty intrigued to find out that they state that the Cream has micro encapsulated pigments that automatically adjust to your skin tone. I found that out first hand. Your skin remains soft for hours!!! Check out my review video below.

Also don’t forget to head over to try out all wonderful products including the Hydrating CC cream I review.

User the following code to get 10% off your entire purchase: bloggercc

Feel free to comment or share your experiences if you have already tried Studio Gear Cosmetics before or if you purchase something.



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Always guessing what makeup colors are right for you? Try them for Free!

Hi lovelies,

I am super excited to share that I was contacted by one of the most innovative makeup website to work on a project with them. I was among the first few bloggers to be selected to test the website prior to their launch in the US and share my experience with my audience. This tool is like a dream come true for me because I have suffered for years from the problem of continuously going and buying the same exact shades of lipstick and eyeshadows over and over again.  Or just buying the cutest shade of makeup only to come home and find out it doesn’t look cute on me at all. The packaging has been ripped open by then and I have already put it against my skin. There is no way I am returning that stuff. Then ofcourse their is the mystery of how would something that my friend or coworker is wearing, would look on me? You can’t go around testing products in the store or asking your friends to share them with you. No thank you that just sounds a bit gross too. Sharing makeup leads to alot of different infections. It is also useful if you are someone who never wears makeup, now is your chance to see what it will look like on you without having to buy all the products right away! So how does GlamSt resolve this issue?


GlamSt lets you upload a picture of yourself and I would suggest taking a good quality facial shot with no makeup on for best results. And choose from famous brands of makeup that we all know about, to apply to your picture. Okay I know how it sounds. I thought it would look tacky too just like those old hair style applications that were popping up on the internet in early 2000s but the IT person in me was completely taken aback by how real the makeup I was applying to the picture, looked. I even realized that my thought about not ever buying lipstick with a more orange tinge in it was a bad idea, they actually look great on my complexion. You can even see the details of the eyeliners and the mascara. And when you think that is it you can even apply different shades of concealers, blushes, face powders and foundations to your face. All and in All you get to play with makeup from top brands like clinique , Dior, Bobbie brown, NARS just to name a few. The options are endless and the results are very real life like. You even have the option to buy the products directly from GlamSt.

ChiclyCute GlamSt

GlamSt means alot to me not only because it is something that I find very useful and had been struggling with my entire life with but also because it was started by two women Engineers. Yes us techie girls love fashion and makeup too and its good to see other ladies using their skills to apply it to the makeup and fashion world.  I would like to also let you all know that I have not been paid by GlamSt in any way, shape or form. These opinions are all mine and true. If you don’t believe me head on over to and try it out for yourself. Feel free to share your pictures on my facebook page at or just leave a comment with your GlamSt link below! I would love to check them out.

Neoprene Dresses for Spring

Hi lovelies,

It has been a while since I have done a style post. It has been long neglected due to my overwhelming schedule. But the moment I started spotting these dresses I knew I had to inform each one of you about what you should be looking forward to this Spring and Summer. Neoprene dresses! I am sure some of you are already familiar with them but if you aren’t here is a quick breakdown from me of what they are. (Scroll further down for affordable everyday versions of below dresses)

Neoprene Dress

Left: Clover Canyon Griffith Park Dress                    Middle: Boston Proper Zipfront        Right: Clover Canyon Floral Maze

      Neoprene is a man made rubber but when used in fabrics it is combined with nylon and spandex. It gives your outfits a little bit of ommph so skirts and dresses are more fluffy at the bottom (think skater style skirts). The stretchiness of the material helps making the fabric more comfortable to wear. A version of this fabric is made to use scuba suit. So if you are planning to wear one this spring no sweat you will be pretty water proof :) Also known as scuba dresses.

We saw a few solid colors ones for fall and winter but there is a new twist all over the runway that I haven’t seen atleast in local stores just yet, Floral Neoprene dresses and skirts for Spring. I am sharing a select few that I found online and have been contemplating to buy because they are just too gorgeous. Ofcourse the best looking ones cost an arm and a leg. Have fun browsing and let me know what you think of these or feel free to post the link of the ones you find online in the comments section below:


Forever 21: Elegant Abstract Dress $34.80


MissGuided : Veronique Scuba Floral Dress $14.72


JCP: Black Label Dress $59.99


Outfit Post: Snow Storm Wolf

Hi lovelies,

Another terrible snowstorm is upon us and as promised I am bringing you another outfit post that will help you keep yourself warm. You can wear it the way I was wearing it because the hat is pretty warm or you can throw a jacket on top to be warmer. Healthwise I am doing alot better and will be doing a very important post soon on what will help your stomach heal faster than anything else, an item whose power alot of people in today’s world under estimate. I talked to several people at work or in my friends circle about the whole concept and everyone was just drawing a blank except maybe one or two people. It was quite shocking that people do not know the concept of alkaline and acidic food when it comes to eating.

Anyway back to the outfit. The hat was a gift this past Christmas from hubby dearest. He knew how much I liked my other all black one he got me and knew that I was eyeing this one on Amazon. I love huskies and wolves and it ultimately reminds me of them. I have no intentions of ever turning into an animal. These hats just appeal to me due to the cuteness and warmth they provide. I love how the paws come attached and you can actually needle them throw the sleeve of your jacket and they turn into mittens/gloves to keep you warm! It is weird to be posting constant snow pictures while our fellow bloggers over in the other warmer parts of the US and the world are posting pictures in shorts already! I can’t wait for spring but for now today is another day for me to pull out my furry things out!

Let me know what you think of the outfit and what are you doing to keep yourself warm in this insane year of winter?











Sweater: H&M

Jeggings: Express

Boots: Stormy by Dansko

Hat: Amazon (here)

Midseason Haul: Extreme Bargain buys :)

Hi sweeties,

Finally got a chance to edit and upload this video. Checkout the haul video for some amazing bargain things that I found. Especially if you live anywhere near Florida, New York, Philly and Delware then you are in perfect luck cause you have the bargain store at a close distance to you.

I am Back!!! Leather, Metal and Snake Print!

Hi Sweeties,

Today was one of the warmest days of 2013! I was a little worried because I have been extremely sick for the past 3 days and I was scared that I might be in bed all day today instead of going out and having a ball. Thanks to my hubby who fed me pretty well the last two days and forced me to get out of bed and shower in hopes it will make feel fresher mentally. IT DID! not only I got to go out but I also recorded my new haul video!!! Sooo excited to edit and share it with you all soon this week.

I decided to wear my latest edition to my closet the H&M tweed dress. I just love how it fits on me. We still dragged along my spare wool jacket incase I feel cold or start getting sick again. I did have my moments when I felt faint but it was a beautiful day. We went to one of the oldest part of our city which is literally my backyard! I am excited because its full of antique shops, cute lil stores, coffee shops etc. We stopped by Bean Hollow and I had the best ever Chai Frappe! We also bought a humongous Cherry cheese danish to share! We took all that fun stuff to the park. Walked around and ate. After that we went to my fave burger place and I stuffed my self with some delicious food :) All in all a productive day….hopefully this will not wear me out to make me sicker tomorrow…lets keep our fingers crossed.







Boots: Dansko

Bracelet: H&M

Clutch: Snake print H&M

Dress: H&M (Currently in Store)

Leather Jacket: H&M

Watch: Guess

Georgetown Cupcake Promotion for Valentines Day 40% off again!

Hi lovelies,

I have been MIA for the entire month of february for which I am really sad because I had tons of ideas for Valentines day but in my defense I have grad school to catch up on and we have officially moved into our new apartment. I am running on 2 to 3 hours of sleep everyday if not less than that on certain days because my kitties seem to be very upset with the move they haven’t fully adjusted and one of them is constantly crying!

Anyway now to important topic at hand. Georgetown Cupcake’s new season premiers today and I was 99% sure they will do another question answer deal with 40% off associated with it. And viola I was just notified of it.

So the question is: In tonight’s ALL NEW episode of DC Cupcakes, what is the winning bid for Sophie and Katherine’s cupcake creation at the county fair?

The Answer is: 3800

How to redeem your 40% :

Hurry this is a one day only promotion so don’t waste time. You can pre-order your cupcakes and get them another day or even place an order upto a month ahead. So think about that birthday, party , or any other celebration coming up! Or if nothing important is coming up you can just enjoy the cupcakes for yourself :) I mean they are really delicious!

Also incentive for ordering ahead is that you don’t have to wait in line! You can skip the long line and walk right in! And trust me the lines get really long! People wait as long as 2 hours in line depending on which location you head to.

o redeem, enter the correct answer as a number (no spaces or punctuation marks) into the promo code box on the checkout page when placing your order online. Discount will be automatically applied.

Offer valid from 7:00pm Thursday 2/14 – 11:59pm Friday 2/15.

Georgetown Cupcake New Years 40% Off Promotion TODAY!

Happy New Year!

This time it came as a surprise to me cause usually they notify us ahead of time! But oh well doesn’t matter I am always ready for a deal from Georgetown Cupcakes! As always you have ONE WHOLE DAY to place your order which is today i.e 8th of January 2013 till 11:59pm EST.

Keep in mind you do not have to order for tomorrow or even this month I think they let you order a month in advance! So birthdays coming up? Valentines Day around the corner? yup possibilities are endless here.

All you have to do is go online and place your order by 11:59pm EST tonight and use the Code: 2013

I repeat the Code is 2013

Hope you all enjoy your cupcakes cause I know I will =D

This deserves an explanation: MIA Update!

Hey sweets!

This past week has been pretty insane for me. From work life to personal life things were just going in all sorts of wrong directions. And given the fact that my work life is pretty hectic right now starting 9am in the morning and lasting anywhere from midnight till 2am I didn’t have much time to fix things going wrong except quick thinking on my feet.Hubby got sick, the apartment complex people came to fix the tub spraying the house with chemicals which left a white powdery residue over our entire apartment and furniture. Not to mention no one was allowed to stay in for upto 4 hours so we had to pack the cats and take them to my aunts. My allergies are still out of control but I getting tested again on tuesday so hopefully something will come of it. Hence ofcourse not much time to post but December is here! We finally got a chance to decorate the house last night the tree is up and all the little things I have collected over the years but I am not happy! I think its time I invest alittle more into christmas but also incorporate some personal creative touches. What do you all think?

Here are some cute things I found that I am contemplating tweaking and recreating :)


Adding Red ribbon and pine cones to anything white gets it holiday decor ready


  This one is goofy and cute for a Christmas Party Bath Tub :)


 Santa Brownie Hats genius!


And my personal fave what is better than creating your own thumbprint Oranament

thumbprint reindeer

Answer to Georgetown Cupcake 40% off Sale!

Alright Lovelies,

I have finished watching today’s DC cupcake show. To recap Georgetown Cupcake stores located in DC, MD, NY and MA are giving everyone 40% off their entire order starting 12am to 11:59pm on 10th October 2012. As I promised in my previous post I will be providing you with the answer to the question

Please like my facebook page if I have helped you get one step closer to your fave cupcakes and PLEASE PLEASE post pictures of you with your cupcakes on my facebook page! I would LOVE to see everyone digging into their cupcakes!

Question: ?In Tuesday’s All New Episode of DC Cupakes, What is the name of the sports bar that Mommy and Katherine visit while in Boston

ANSWER IS: mcgreevys

(Check out the sports bar page)

To redeem, enter the correct answer as one word (no spaces or punctuation marks) into the promo code box on the checkout page when placing your order online. Discount will be automatically applied.

Offer valid on Wednesday, October 10 only from 12:00am – 11:59pm

Are you ready to order? Which flavors are you getting?