Outfit Post: Snow Storm Wolf

Hi lovelies,

Another terrible snowstorm is upon us and as promised I am bringing you another outfit post that will help you keep yourself warm. You can wear it the way I was wearing it because the hat is pretty warm or you can throw a jacket on top to be warmer. Healthwise I am doing alot better and will be doing a very important post soon on what will help your stomach heal faster than anything else, an item whose power alot of people in today’s world under estimate. I talked to several people at work or in my friends circle about the whole concept and everyone was just drawing a blank except maybe one or two people. It was quite shocking that people do not know the concept of alkaline and acidic food when it comes to eating.

Anyway back to the outfit. The hat was a gift this past Christmas from hubby dearest. He knew how much I liked my other all black one he got me and knew that I was eyeing this one on Amazon. I love huskies and wolves and it ultimately reminds me of them. I have no intentions of ever turning into an animal. These hats just appeal to me due to the cuteness and warmth they provide. I love how the paws come attached and you can actually needle them throw the sleeve of your jacket and they turn into mittens/gloves to keep you warm! It is weird to be posting constant snow pictures while our fellow bloggers over in the other warmer parts of the US and the world are posting pictures in shorts already! I can’t wait for spring but for now today is another day for me to pull out my furry things out!

Let me know what you think of the outfit and what are you doing to keep yourself warm in this insane year of winter?











Sweater: H&M

Jeggings: Express

Boots: Stormy by Dansko

Hat: Amazon (here)

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Outfit of the Day: Winter Warmth

Hi Lovelies,

My life and the weather has alot in common these days. Alot happening all at once and I am letting it all sink in. On this particular day It was an unbelievable almost 60 degrees and then there came snowfall again the following day. I am getting a bit out of shape again unfortunately due to spending the entire month of January and February sick which restricted my mobility and ability to exercise.  I am big fan of form fitted clothing and on this occasion I put a loose sweater on top of my skater style dress. I actually like how well it turned out. I always thought bulky clothes will weigh me down but I guess alot has changed over the years. I was also tired of the all black and dark garb everyone is sporting these days everywhere and wanted to add some color to my outfit. The layering also kept me super warm granted now us east coast people are used to the bitter cold of states like Colorado and Wisconsin. I am sure those of you who actually live there snickered at my last statement. I mean come on I have been brave enough to bare my legs in 45 degree weather which I used to consider lets wrap myself up in 15 layers of clothing day :)

Let me know what you think of the outfit.









Faux Leather Jacket: H&M

Sweater: H&M

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Brash

Dress: H&M

Outfit Special: Working your Outfit at Work

Hi Sweeties,

As much as I like yo show you guys my fun and carefree side in my regular outfit posts, I realized a whole aspect of work outfits that I put on is missing. Most of the time it happens due to lack of time to take pictures and I am also not a big believer in wearing make up everyday of my life. It is only a weekend thing for me or when I go out to get togethers or special occasions.

My fave work attire consists of Pencil Skirts and my newfound love for blazers is still going strong from last year. I think I currently own about 6 blazers and I might just be adding a few here and there if I find the right fit and colors :). Anyway this was worn for a work event and I wanted to look a bit more polished hence the statement necklace and makeup. We took atleast a 100 pictures but I was squinting in every single one. My camera man husband loves natural light which means he expects to stare directly into the sun haha. Hence I only was able to find a few decent pictures.

Now with being able to wear dress shoes again the world of possibilities is endless this fall. What will I wear to work? Leggings? Tights? More pencil skirts? Skinny pants or dress pants? hmm why don’t you subscribe and find out.

PS: I am currently working on keep it classy at work so when I mentioned tights and leggings haha I mean to find appropriate ways of wearing them :)DSC06395





Blazer: H&M

Cuff: Nordstrom

Necklace: H&M (currently in store)

Skirt: H&M

Top: Express the last Hurrah

Shoes: Payless

My Big Secret Reveal and Labor Day Weekend Outfit Post

Hi sweeties!

I haven’t had a chance to put up any outfit posts for a while. It was due to lack of time and also my tendonitis making me live in my sneakers so most of my outfits comprised of shorts and rolled up skinny jeans. Anyhow so what is the big secret reveal today?

For those of you who have been following me loyally have caught on that I had a foot ailment which made me live in ugly doctor prescribed shoes! Well well well what do we have here in this outfit post? A NEW PAIR OF SHOES! I finally was able to find the perfect pair of custom made shoe insert that will let me wear flat shoes like normal human beings! I have been wearing them the entire last week and most people noticed an immediate change in my sense of style. Granted I always put an effort into my clothes but now its a piece of cake. The idea of putting outfits together doesnt bog me down anymore from time to time due to my lack of shoe choices. Anyway I am proud owner of three new flat shoes :) And will be adding to my collection overtime. Maybe just maybe one day I can start wearing heels again. If any of you out there are having foot issues feel free to talk to me over here or on my FB page. I would like to help people attain the same freedom I finally achieved.

Anyway back to Labor Day weekend. It was a fun weekend filled with just Hubby and me. Him and I did alot of fun things well things that I mostly enjoy with him. We went out on the town on Saturday and Sunday.  I danced the night away trust me when I said I danced…I DANCED for 5 hours straight with no foot pain which made me feel normal again. That also helped burn tons of calories lol. I had already swam and worked out that morning so all of a sudden everything is feeling more snitched up. We were up late at night so I was too tired to go to my coworkers cookout for labor day but I somehow dragged myself to get some errands done as well as grab some Ritas! Oh not to forget my aunt brought my kiddos (lil cousins) to our pool and it was fun swimming with them. It was awkward being around my family in a swim suit but thankfully I wasn’t wearing a two piece.

How was everyone else’s Labor Day?






Belt: H&M

Bracelets: Forever 21 and H&M

Dress: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Shoes: Brash

4TH of July Update and Outfit

Hi sweeties,

I am only a few days late haha but thought I’d still share my outfit ideas of how I am coping with living 24/7 in my tennis shoes and still trying to incorporate Holidays and Outings. If I have learnt anything from being injured on and off is that you have to make do with what you can. Giving up on dressing as a girl only drags you down. I told myself last time “Never again will an injury take away from my sense of style”. Ofcourse it isn’t going to be as impeccable as my outfits that I wear on a regular basis without tennis shoes but practice makes perfect.

For 4th of July I went to my aunt’s house for a cookout with our entire family. The indoors at all my relatives’ houses are extremely cold and I freeze to death so I always take a blazer or sweater with me. Those are always easily removable when you walk outdoors when layered with a tank top. I don’t wear shorts around my family so jeans had to make do. I had later on changed into a pair of shorts to go see the fireworks with the hubbster and friend. I was still in a bit of pain so walking was out of question. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake but the point was good company and fireworks :) Unfortunately I by mistake deleted the pictures from the camera we took that day when trying to move them onto my laptop!!! Still somewhat annoyed about that so I am pulling pictures from my cellphone that I took for instagram. Thank God for cellphone and instagram.

PS I decided to make this look more festive by doing Red white and blue makeup on my eyes and Nail art. Let me know what you think!





Belt: Came with some jeans from Forever 21

Blazer: H&M

Bracelets: Pandora and Macys 14kt White Gold

Jeans: Express

Top: H&M

Leather and Lace:Femininity peeks through the roughness

Hi sweeties,

I am not sure if everyone feels this way but I definitely have completely opposing styles which I switch back and forth between. One day I want to be sweet and innocent and next day I chose to be sophisticated and sleek.Then there are days where I just want to drone on leather and kick some behinds – not literally or..well maybe haha. But sometimes I wake up and go oooo I really want to mix one with the other and confuse people out there. That is exactly how this outfit got birthed.I wanted to wear lace but I didn’t want to be a sweetheart. I wanted to be mildly bad ass and that is exactly what I did with the cropped tap and my cropped leather jacket. Dont ever be afraid of mixing different styles, if mixed well they can be extremely well put together.

Anyway I was glad that it was a slightly chilly day and my leather jacket was a much needed garment. I have noticed as long as I cover my arms or my legs on a slightly chilly day, I can skate by without freezing to death. I have been diligently working out and I see some changes already in my legs but I am not done yet. I need to kick back the fitness posts up so I can explain how I achieved the results you are witnessing in these pictures.  The day was spent forlicking around town, eating lunch with the hubby and running a few errands :)











Bracelet: H&M
Crop Top: Vans
Lace Skirt: H&M (currently in store)
Leather Jacket: H&M
Watch: Fossil

You Scream, I Scream, We all scream for Army Green!

Hi lovelies,

As promised I have a gajillion outfit posts from the past few days. The weather is getting better and I don’t have to bundle up in a million layers with a jacket on top anymore. I get cold easy :)

Army green has always been one of my most fave trend. I love anything camo as well. I have been caught wearing army green and como even when it wasnt a trend haha. So ofcourse it isnt a surprise that I will immediately pull anything and everything army green out of my closet. This dress has to be one of my most expensive purchases as H&M butttttt I just couldnt not have it once I tried it on and I loved the gold detailing on the dress. Hubby and I went out to eat lunch and then we decided to stop by our public library for these pictures. It just recently got renovated and it has to be the cutest and most serene little place with little ponds and gardens. Hubby and I love books and reading so we plan to go back and stand an entire afternoon just looking through books – ah geeks much? :)

What do you think about the army green trend?










Bracelet: 24kt Gold (gift from parents bought in UAE)

Dress: H&M (currently in store)

Sandals: Sigrid by Dansko

Sunglasses: H&M(currently in store)

Watch: 14kt Gold Kolber bangle style watch

I am Back!!! Leather, Metal and Snake Print!

Hi Sweeties,

Today was one of the warmest days of 2013! I was a little worried because I have been extremely sick for the past 3 days and I was scared that I might be in bed all day today instead of going out and having a ball. Thanks to my hubby who fed me pretty well the last two days and forced me to get out of bed and shower in hopes it will make feel fresher mentally. IT DID! not only I got to go out but I also recorded my new haul video!!! Sooo excited to edit and share it with you all soon this week.

I decided to wear my latest edition to my closet the H&M tweed dress. I just love how it fits on me. We still dragged along my spare wool jacket incase I feel cold or start getting sick again. I did have my moments when I felt faint but it was a beautiful day. We went to one of the oldest part of our city which is literally my backyard! I am excited because its full of antique shops, cute lil stores, coffee shops etc. We stopped by Bean Hollow and I had the best ever Chai Frappe! We also bought a humongous Cherry cheese danish to share! We took all that fun stuff to the park. Walked around and ate. After that we went to my fave burger place and I stuffed my self with some delicious food :) All in all a productive day….hopefully this will not wear me out to make me sicker tomorrow…lets keep our fingers crossed.







Boots: Dansko

Bracelet: H&M

Clutch: Snake print H&M

Dress: H&M (Currently in Store)

Leather Jacket: H&M

Watch: Guess

Team Purple Rough and Tough in leather- Go Ravens

Hi lovelies,

Today is the big day well one of the big days in Football. My team the Ravens has officially won the Division Championship and we are one game away from Super Bowl (in American Football for those of you who are reading this from other parts of the world :) )I hated American Football about 3 years ago. I grew up over seas and Cricket and Soccer (err which is what REAL FOOTBALL IS everywhere but in America lol)

Anyhow I had to work at a NFL Store and its my habit to know my products really well so I decided to dwell into American Football world. 3 weeks down the road I am routing for the Ravens and screaming at the TV screen like a maniac. Now when there is a Ravens game on TV I refuse to leave the house or have to be around  TV where ever I go.

As each week progressed I was going nah lets give our team another weak and I’ll do an outfit Post with my Jersey as an Outfit. And when better to do it then this week? This was taken on Day one of my Purple Jersey weekend. I had initially decided to wear something purple the entire week but instead I decided to just wear my Jersey every single day of the weekend! Girls whether you like football or not this is one of the cutest ways to pull a Jersey off and still look feminine and cute. If you have an invitation to a Super Bowl Party. All you need is YOUR jersey or just borrow a friends, boyfriends, brothers, sisters or whoevers. Put a longer tank top on to cover your behind in those tights to keep it classy unless you dont care everything hanging out. I just find covering my behind classier :) And then put the jersey on! I wear mine with leather leggings and if going out with a leather jacket as well. Makes me feel cute but tough..like I can chow on some bones of the team we are going against…Yeah I gets pretty aggressive. My friends are always stunned at how someone can be as nice as me but a complete opposite of that when watching football. And no we are not talking about curse words or bad words…I am just plain violent and competitive lol

Anyhow heres to hoping Ravens are going to Kill the Pats tonight and we will head to Super Bowl… GO team Purple!






Boots: Dansko

Bracelet: H&m

Clutch: SnakePrint – H&M

Leggings: Leather -G by Guess

Tank Top: H&M

Top: Ray Rice Jersey – Ravens- NFL.com

Watch: Fossil

Christmas Day Outfit and Fun!

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas Day and prep for New Years is going as strong on your end as it is on mine…haha well I have nothing planned as of yet because we were planning to have a house party only we are moving to a new place early February and in my excitement I have plans of packing things ahead of time during my break so we have to just pick it all up and go!

This Christmas I was more excited about the presents I gave to people than the presents I received and had to open. I knew the presents I bought meant alot to me I had spent hours contemplating what each person wanted, needed and liked. Hubby and I woke up and opened the presents we gave each other. I was in dire need of a mug and he knows I love starbucks, so I got a starbucks signature mug and a furry animal hat! I wanted a cute furry hat for a long time and he found me the cutest one ever!!! I was sooooo happy! I actually have had it on all day till I got dressed to go see my family and unfortunately it was raining hard all day otherwise I would have worn it out today to the mall lol

My outfit for christmas was kind of a big confusion. Part of my family is pretty conservative and my idea of a cute christmas dress would not be appreciated by some of them lol. So I had to find something more appropriate. I decided to put on my snake print skinny jeans that I showed in my Last Haul video. I put on a sleeveless Ruffle front top and my fave Red Blazer! I had to wear Red! And I decided to semi Curl my hair. I rarely do anything to my hair other than keep it natural so it was a good surprise for most of the family lol

We ate tons of food! Spent time with my humongous family and opened more presents at my parents later! I am going to ofcourse do a video on the gifts I got as well as a few other things I have bought recently! So watch out for my new video in the next few days =D








Blazer, Bracelets, Clutch, Necklace and Skinny Jeans from H&M

Ruffle Top from 5.7.9

Boots from Dansko

Furry Hat from American Eagle

Mug from Starbucks but ofcourse!