Outfit perfect for summer! Michelle Obama and I have something in common!


So this has been a bad week for my blog. I haven’t posted much. Eaten up quite a few posts that I was supposed to put up but no worries I’ll be back on my A game starting this weekend 🙂 It has been one crazy week ending with a gunman found around my job throwing everyone in a state of panic and a 6 hour hunt! They retrieved the gun but the dude is no where to be found. Eh well the search goes on. Currently I am sitting here typing this while basking in the aroma of some Banana Cupcakes that are in the oven and some amazing mango peach white tea. One of fab coworkers is leaving and I wanted to bake something for her because she has been a great help throughout my first year at my job including saving me some good money on a much needed car oil change! Thank you Esther 🙂

Now as I was going through pictures of my outfit that I wore on this past Tuesday (yes I haven’t had a chance to post it till today my bad!) I found a picture lo and behold of Michelle Obama in a similar outfit with the same exact colors! I knew me and her would have more in common than just being married to a smart sophisticated black man 🙂 Yah you guessed it right amazing fashion sense! Ps. Love you hubby you are bestttttt Husband anyone can ask for!

Bracelet: Forever 21  (currently on sale)

Clutch: Jessica Mclintock

Necklace: Belt that came with the Skirt that I have on (haha)

Skirt: H&M (currently in store)

Tank: Banana Republic

Watch: Kolber Gold Plated Bangle watch

Click Here for more Outfit of the Day Pictures


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