Cupcake Lovers news for you! Gerogetown Cupcakes promotion! Don’t miss it!


So I was sitting at work yesterday when I received an email from Georgetown Cupcakes known all over the world as DC cupcakes thanks to their Reality TV Show “DC Cupcakes” that airs its second season on TLC this Friday 8th June 10pm EST. The email had me giggling like a little girl and I immediately texted my hubby that we HAVE TO participate in this promotion and get 40% off our entire order. Yes you read it correctly 40% off your entire order of Georgetown Cupcakes! Now what is it that you have to do you must ask to get this amazing 40% off? Nothing major at all! They want you to watch their Show this Friday and answer one simple question:

In Friday’s all new episode of DC Cupcakes, who accompanies Sophie and Katherine in the taxi on the way to the runway show?

Once you have the answer you have to rush to the Georgetown Cupcakes website and place your order on Saturday between 12pm -11:59pm (9th June 2012).

Enter the correct answer as one word (no spaces or punctuation marks) into the promo code box on the checkout page when placing your order online. Discount will be automatically applied. SIMPLE AS THAT!

They have branches located in D.C, MD and New York! So if you are in any of these three cities or in the neighboring area please take advantage of this promotion trust me you will not be disappointed!  They are opening a store in MA on June 16th and one is in plans to be opened in CA! Now the west coast will have a taste of the amazing cupcakes the entire East Coast is Raving about!

For those of you who haven’t tried Georgetown Cupcakes yet let me tell you! I have tried cupcakes in several different places on east coast including the all famous Cake boss in NJ but nothing comes close to Georgetown Cupcakes quality. The cupcakes are moist, delicious and just the right amount of sweet! The frosting is smooth and delicious. I hate when frosting sticks to your teeth and throat or is sugar sweet! I am not sure what magic Georgetown Cupcake does to its frosting but its the BEST I EVER HAD! My hubby and I always get a dozen cupcakes and I have a hard time sharing my 6 with anyone! Thats how addicting they are. There was one time we only got 6 saying eh we will be fine trust me we were both depressed by the time we ate the last cupcake! They always have some of the basics flavors available such as Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Milk Chocolate Birthday Cake, Regular Vanilla Red Vanilla etc but they have some amazing seasonal flavors that they rotate on the daily basis such as: Chocolate Banana, Coconut, Key Lime, Cookies and Cream, Honey Banana, Toffee Crunch, Cherry Blossom and oh God I cant even complete the list! If you are trying to figure out what is on sale on a certain day just go online and look over their Order Online menu! Select a date and time and it will tell you exactly whats on sale that day!

Can’t wait to get my hands on mine this weekend! mmmmmm

Ps: My Fave is Milk Chocolate Birthday Cake it is the best cupcake flavor ever! Try it out and let me know your opinion 🙂

Ladies behind Georgetown Cupcakes!


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