Update: Why was I MIA

Hi lovelies!

So I have been extremely sick since Wednesday. We had this awesome retreat planned for work and I spent the entire day having fun with our amazing coworkers! We took our Myers Briggs Personality test and I found out my type! ENFJ all the way! Let me know what type are you?

We did some fun activities for everyone to understand how EVERY SINGLE person in this world is needed! Rest of the day was spent doing Improv workshop! All in all Fun fun fun! Well what can you say when the planners were three amazing young bright women including yours truly yes yes I am tooting my own horn here lol. But I came home with a severe headache and developed fever that night šŸ˜¦ Had to call out of work two days in a row which was depressing but I tried to do whatever I could from home…yes yes bad habit but I feel I’d keep thinking about work if I don’t atleast finish up a few things. But I am planning a change….stress free change! Maybe that should be part of my blog? Things I do or things we all can do get rid of stress or small habit changes we all need to ward off stress from life. Let me know what you think?

Anyhow long story short I was awarded with a blanket term for my illness “Viral Syndrome” cause the doc couldnt figure out what virus it is that I am dealing with it. Oh well by Sunday my fever went down and I did go to work today despite the mild dizziness, head pounding headache and low energy. Oh well it’ll get better in time if I keep believing so lol. So I apologize for the lack of posting I was specially instructed to stay away from computer screens when you are an IT worker and stare at a computer all day long it can turn out be a cause of major stress too!


Make me smile leave a comment :)

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