Sno Dream: Taiwanese Shaved Ice and Japnese Crepes

Sno Dream – Bethesda, M.D

One of a kind Dessert place for Maryland as far as I know. I had to try it when I saw them on Groupon. Japanese style crepes and Taiwanese Style Shaved Ice made from machines imported directly from Taiwan! Literally it is a DREAM you do not want to wake up from!

I bought the Mango Ice with condensed milk and real mangoes and hubby got a Chocolate covered Strawberry Crepe. We weren’t expecting them to be as huge as they were! My first thought was how are we going to finish these? But later on I was actually glad that for about 5 bucks each we got two servings of the amazing desserts that are quite some drive from where we live.

The Mango Ice isn’t like anything I have tasted before. You dont even sense that you are eating something icy at all. I think due to the condensed milk aspect of the dessert it almost has a creamy and melt in your mouth texture (I wish I could drive over there right now to get some more mmm). The crepe was pretty scrumptious too! The fruit pieces were fresh and everything had just the right sweetness so as to not give you a sugar high! I highly recommend Sno Dream when you want to get yourself in a state of a dream like trance without laying down in your bed. But if you do bring it home it wouldn’t be bad to actually eat it in your bed so as to make it more worthwhile…just kidding!


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